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Personal Trainer & Mental Toughness Coach

No more aimless wondering around the gym and wasted sweat!

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Custom Aesthetics

Project: Peachy

Want a Supreme Peach? This no nonsense intensive program is designed to sculpt the core & lower body, add muscle tone & strength, and help you develop your mental toughness & confidence.

Custom Aesthetics

Personal Training & Mental Toughness Coaching

A Progressive Program Personalized To Your Fitness Level & Goals

  • Custom Nutrition & Supplement Guidance
  • Structured Training Program
  • Weekly Check-ins for Feedback & Tracking Progress

​Learn How To Train Smarter & Eat Intuitively For The Lifestyle & Body You Want!

Custom Aesthetics

Contest Prep Coaching

Experienced IFBB Pro & Current Coach to Amateurs & Pros. We Work with all fitness levels, males & female, but only with the committed! Spots are limited.


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Weekly Check-ins to track progress, make updates, and share feedback.
Progressive & Customized with your preferences and tailored for you success.
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Comprehensive training program designed with your goals (and limitations) in mind.
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What Makes Project: Peachy Different?

This program was made to help women of all fitness levels achieve two things: a better booty and a slimmer waistline, without extreme dieting or cookie cutter training routines. You will learn to develop a stronger mind-muscle connection with your glutes, become more familiar with the gym equipment, and have individual support as needed from start to finish. The program was designed by an IFBB Professional competitor & coach with university lab level Human Performance & nutrition experience and aims to assist ladies maximize their time and effort to meet or exceed their body goals.

What's Included?

Meal Plan designed to build lean muscle tone and shed body fat without suffering or any extreme stuff!

A 3 Year tested training protocol guaranteed to increase lower body strength & mobility, tighten the core while shrinking the waist, and of course– add inches of roundness to the booty!

Optional but highly recommended supplementation to optimize your experience and results

Bi-Weekly Check-Ins for feedback and updates



Taylor A.

Making the decision to work with Dmitri was the best one yet! At my 6 weeks postpartum mark | began my journey to get fit again. I started at 173 lbs and got down to 147 at my 38 week postpartum mark. Dmitri has plenty of experience with pregnant and postpartum women. If you trust the process and stay committed to his plan you will get the results you want! He knows what he is doing and he is damn good at it. The pictures can speak for themselves!

Taylor A.
Samantha Y

I started working with Dmitri in May. I felt so bad about myself I didn't even want to send him pictures for my first check in, and told him as much. He reassured me and let me know that he was in my corner and he had me, in the most comforting and genuine way possible. Over the next few weeks it got a little easier and within 2 months I was EXCITED to send him check in pictures. My whole mentality changed. I've become more confident, and comfortable with myself, and my entire mental state has grown exponentially. I have PCOS, so I wasn't sure how well this was going to work, but Dmitri came up with a plan tailored specifically to me and my needs and has adjusted every week accordingly based on results. I'm so grateful for him every day, in ways I don't think he could possibly imagine. 10/10 HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

Samantha Y
Mallory M

I have had lots of "trainers" over the years and not one of them actually gives a shit the way Dmitri does. He genuinely wants what is best for you as an individual and everything is specifically customized to your needs specifically and not just some canned one-size-fits-all approach. Over the course of our 3 months I lost 25 lbs and I'm still going. He replies to any questions, concerns etc immediately and I'm never left feeling like I am bothering him or that he is too busy to reply. Such an amazing trainer and someone I will utilize for years to come. So thankfull met him and found out about him. He's changed my life in such a positive way and changed the way I view eating, working out and everything in between!

Mallory M
Naomi D

What a great coach, literally so responsive, quick to respond to questions. I never felt alone. In person training he's a monster. My personal bests were all with him. Very knowledgeable and good with fat loss goals. If you have the opportunity to train in person with him it's so fun and exhausting. Even if you can't train in person you would be surprised with what you can accomplish online. I personally got in the best shape of my entire life with him online. He's tough, but if you do what he says it's literally impossible to fail.

Naomi D
Emily L

Dmitri is a true testimony of loving and being a master at his craft. I could not have embarked in a journey to better health without his consistency and him believing in me more than I did at the time. He held me accountable and true to my goals. The genuine care and passion he shows his clients individually will leave very little room for slacking off. I have seen more results in months than a life time of failed diets and exercise, not only have I lost 26 lbs but I feel and look better than ever. He changed the way I fuel and view my body for a lifetime. Could never thank him enough!

Emily L
Dianelys R

With Dmitri, having the discipline to achieve your goals feels like a breeze. Before I knew it I reached a place in my fitness goals I never thought I would. I'm so grateful to have worked with such an intelligent, professional, and caring coach. Truly the best of the best.

Dianelys R